Real Estate Solutions

Who we are

BNL Real Estate Solutions since 2017 is dedicated to the Sale and Lease Mediation of properties in the Premium segment of the National market.

Our main objective is to provide customer-oriented services, with a view to simplifying the selection process, whether for investment or housing or for own use.

In addition to mediation, we assume the role of concierge for our national and international customers, through a range of complementary services, which support customers in the selection process (procurement) and investment decision, as a result of cross-selling with other business areas of the Brand New Life Group and some Strategic Partnerships.


Real Estate Brokerage and Investment

Our main goal is to provide client-oriented services so we can simplify the decision-making process, wether if it’s an investment or housing project, or for own personal use.

From day one, we provide a vast array of expert advisors to monitor every stage of the process.

Project Management

We monitor and manage all stages of your Architecture, Rehabilitation or Construction project with a team of managers to ensure a correct implementation of your project, always following good practices and properly structuring the project in 5 phases:

Setup, Planning, Execution, Control and Finishing.


We offer a vast array of services to Rehabilitate and Remodel your property.

We accelerate the selling or renting process of your property, using an innovative service of interior decoration.

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