Information Technologies

Who we are

BNL Information Technologies since 2011 has been dedicated to Consulting, Integration Services and Project Maintenance in the area of Information Technologies.

We assume the role of business partners in the Small and Medium Enterprises Market, based on the know-how and expertise of a dedicated and qualified team.

Our main objective is to simplify the decision-making process for companies on a day-to-day basis and in choosing the best technological solutions that emerge in the current market.



Structured network and Fiber Optics
Electricity – Low and Intermediate tension
Lighting and CCTV emergency signaling, Intrusion and SADI
AVAC Access and Assiduity control
Heating, Ventilation and AC

Hardware and Software

Desktops and Laptops Printing
CRM and ERP Operative Systems

Data Center

Lan Switching and Wireless
VoIP and Virtualization of Unified Communications – Servers and Endpoints Backup and Disaster Recovery
Security – Network, Mobile and Database Racks, UPS and PDU’s


Managed Services

Brand New Life’s Managed Services guarantee an effective and efficient IT service synchronized with your business. The cost-effectiveness ratio and financial performance achieve a new standard in performance, including a decrease in non-discretionary expenses, and maximizing profits from investments.


System auditing aims to identify flaws and weaknesses in Information Systems, as well as creating and redefining Information and Communication Technologies policies. Thanks to our applied know-how to technology and supported by our best practices, we can verify if solutions were efficiently implemented, and if they’re adequate to the tasks created by the organization and its respective collaborators.


Consulting in Information Technologies (IT) encompasses Strategical, Functional and Technical Consulting services oriented towards your business and merging two worlds – Technology and Business. In Project planning (implementation of turnkey systems, evaluation and optimization of solutions and architectures), it’s of paramount importance to define a strategy supporting the Technology at your disposal.

Help Desk

The Help Desk is a specifically created resource to suit all IT users, so they can keep in touch whenever they find a problem with their IT services and experience. The Help Desk allows for a direct and fast assessment of multi-tiered problems thanks to available resources, specialized in different areas of Information Technologies and Systems.


IT Outsourcing reverts to external partners the entirety or part of an IT structure within a business, by contracting expert resources in one or several areas. Cost decrease and lack of resources are the main reasons for a business to think about outsourcing. IT Outsourcing is an increasingly common trend, and in many cases, the whole information management has already been externalized.

Cloud and Systems Management

You can control, manage and remotely access any device connected to a business network (with shared access or full control). A cloud-based management is supported with specifically developed technologies to operate and monitor applications, data and services from the cloud. The cloud’s management tools confirm that all necessary resources are optimized and adequately placed to aid the users interaction and other services with your business.




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